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Lara Aspects

int main(){ return 0; }
aspectdef insertNameHere /*select*/ /*apply*/ /*condition*/ end
   OR       OR   









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* This website presents a demonstration of ReflectC. It does not represent neither the current version of ReflectC nor the full LARA technology.

Version: 1.0, © Universidade do Porto, Faculdade de Engenharia, Porto, Portugal

ReflectC is a compiler based on the CoSy compiler system from ACE and it has been developed in the context of the FP7 EU-funded project REFLECT. The VHDL generation provided by ReflectC uses a CoSy version of the DWARV hardware compiler tool (TUDelft).

LARA is an AOP programming language being mainly developed by FEUP members in collaboration with Imperial College London (UK) members.

Acknowledgments: We acknowledge the support of ACE regarding the license of CoSy and of TUDelft regarding the use of DWARV. We also acknowledge the partial support of FCT (Portuguese Science Foundation) through grants SFRH/BD/82606/2011 and [ref da bolsa do Tiago].

Contact: Ricardo Nobre (

ReflectC was developed in the context of REFLECT Project , a project partially funded by Seventh Framework Programme(FP7)